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About Us

Laplast M is a company with a 30 year old tradition of successful production and installation of sun-protection equipment. All these years, Laplast-M has been expanding the activities, occupying new markets with it’s enriched offer of diverse and primary high-quality products for sun-protection.

The owners Angele and Mile Ilievski and the employees at Laplast-M are completely dedicated to meet the expectations and the requirements of the customers. The employees achieve this intention by development and advancement of the products, usage of contemporary production materials, fast installation and service of the products, including the maintenance of an effective system for quality improvement based on the ISO 9001 standard, and a system for environmental management based on the ISO 14000 standard.

Laplast M considers the competition in this field a stimulus for inovation, improvement of production, perfection of quality and services, managing to attain competitive market prices. The plans for the future are ambitious. Laplast-M will continue with improving the old and creating new models of sun shades and parasols (umbrellas), as well as metal constructions. Actions will be taken towards renovation of the machinery pool and improving working conditions, with the aim of increasing production of the latest models of PVC window blinds, Venice blinds and variolight curtains, accordion doors, light signs, tarpaulins for trucks and jeeps, eaves, camp equipment, children pools, jumbo tents and other plastic products. The vision of the Laplast-M leadership is to maintain and enlarge the acquired reputation as a recognized company for production, installation and service of products for sun-protection.